Kaleidoscope on Rubinshteina 13 Hotel rules

1. Cancellation Terms:

There are two options (Room Rates) to reserve a room at the Hotel: refundable or non-refundable reservations.

- The cancellation is free of charge 5 days prior to the date of arrival, after this time we charge you 100% the first night room rate as cancellation fee.

- For the non refundable bookings are no cancellation or changes possible. In case of a cancellation, 100% of the total amount will be charged as cancellation fee.

2. You must be at least 18 years of age to check-in and register for a room. Children under the age of 14 years can be accommodated in the Hotel only by their parents, guardians or other legal representatives ("Legal representatives"), as well as other consenting adults, having a notarized power of attorney for support of the child from his/ her Legal representative.

2. Check in time: 14:00
Check out time: 12:00

4. Non-guaranteed early check-in (arrival on the day of check-in previously indicated in claim 3 Rules) or late departure till 14.00 (check-out time later than specified in clause 3 of the Rules) based on availability on arrival day.

Guaranteed early check-in charge is applied for check in before 14.00 at 50% of the daily Room Rate. Before 7.00, the charge is 100% of the daily Room Rate.

Late check-out charge of 50% of the Day Rate is applied for departures between 12.00 and 11.00 pm. After 11.00 pm is 100% will be applied.

5. Use safe Deposit Box for Storing Valuables.

6. It is prohibited to:

* give the room key or guest card to any third parties;

* keep pets in Hotel rooms;

* smoking on the premises of the Hotel (including Hotel rooms, halls, and corridors); should this provision be breached, Hotel employees will draw up a Report imposing a penalty on the Guest, the amount of such penalty is 5000 rubles. In this event, the additional cleaning of the room shall not be regarded as a related paid service. Instead, it shall be regarded as a punishment for the failure to comply with conditions of the agreement entered into by and between the Guest and the Hotel;

* making noise, thus disturbing other Guests of the Hotel;

7. Breakfast is served in Hunt cafe from 9:00 to 12:00.

9. The Hotel can also provide all our customers with the documents required to apply for a Russian Travel Visa and Registration.

Visa support - 1500 rubles.